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What is a composite door?


Composite doors – you may be familiar with the term but what exactly is a Composite Door? More importantly, why are these next generation doors superior to traditional timber, PVCu and aluminium doors?

Composite Doors take their name from the composite materials that make up the inside of the door. There are slight variations available, but most high quality composite doors comprise of a timber hardwood sub-frame that houses the composite material. The doors are typically hung in a PVCu steel reinforced frame.The composite material inside is usually high-density foam such as polyurethane, which once inserted forms a hard solid core. It is the high-density core of a composite door that gives the door its notable strength. Anyone who has tried to carry a composite door will testify to this; weighing approximately 75KG it is easy to see why these doors are generally considered impossible to break into! The standard thickness for a Composite door slab is 44mm, almost twice the thickness of a PVCu panel. Many customer surveys have indicated that after replacing a PVCu front door with a Composite there were notable reductions in heat loss and noise from outside was greatly reduced.

Decent Composite door manufacturers now use a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin on either side of the door. GRP skins are available in a variety of colours, and importantly GRP is not known to fade or discolour in direct sunlight as PVCu can. GRP skins can boast a traditional timber grain effect, giving the appearance of real wood. This proves to be a big selling point for Composite doors, as they are a lot more resistant to weathering and age than wooden doors. GRP skins can be sprayed, however it is preferable to source a GRP skin that has a through-colour applied. This means the colour is applied at the time of manufacture, resulting in the colour running right the way through the skin. This eliminates any paint flaking or cracking, and means that a deep scratch on the face of the door should be easily remedied with a touch up pen.


Composite door standard colour choices are Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Oak, Anthracite Grey, Irish Oak and Rosewood. Your composite door will usually be white inside unless specified otherwise.

There's a choice of White, Gold, Chrome, Stainless steel, Aluminium and Black, both shiny and matt colour furniture (ie handles, letterplate, knocker etc) to choose from.


Soildor Composite doors

The Solidor Collection is an outstanding range of industry leading, solid laminate timber core composite doors that combine classical, modern or futuristic styling with a full range of Secured by Design locking, providing a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

With a thickness of 48mm, they are nearly 10% thicker than most alternatives. Each

unique solid timber core is completely encapsulated within a highly durable plastic edge banding and two thermo plastic door skins, so you will never have to worry about painting or varnishing your Solidor. These doors are exclusively available in the widest range of styles and frame colour options, with the option of a mobility threshold, making it the perfect solution for easy wheel or push chair access.

A comprehensive range of matching combination frames are available with either glass, matching composite side panel or quarter panels, that will complement the look of any property.

Solidor composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards. They hold BSI Kite mark accreditation, BSI ISO 9001 for quality management, BSI EN1279, Pas 23-24 for security and weatherability, CE Marking and a Secured by Design licence. They are also members of the prestigious Glass and Glazing Federation.

Rest assured that when you choose a Solidor you are enhancing your property

with style.

At NO NONSENSE HOME IMPROVEMENTS in Essex, you can choose from a wide selection of pre-designed Composite doors or you can personalise nearly every detail to make the entrance to your home completely unique to you-

-You can have your Composite door made in any custom colour outside the standard choice for a small additional cost. All we need is the RAL code of the paint which you can get from any of the leading domestic paint supplier catalogues, or simply give us a sample and we'll track the colour for you!

-You can choose from wide selection of bespoke glass designs or make your own

-You can even decide where the glass is situated on your Composite door

Please see our Gallery for more Composite door pics and other products

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